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What is UX

User experience, or UX is a practice (a series of protocols and activities) concerned with how people interact with products or services.

The goal of UX is to make tasks easier and provide a joyful, stress-free experience for your client. Some people say it's about manipulating how people behave. But I prefer my way of thinking about it.

For me, the act of improving UX takes place in the digital realm, for apps, webapps, and responsive websites. But I could probably use the things I know in other realms.

I like to follow a human-centred design methodology. This is currently known as Design Thinking.

There are lots of things said about standards and UX but in the end, it's about:


Why is it needed?

Because planning results in better...everything.


Why I'm qualified to do this

I've spent the last 12 years thinking and reading about making digital products easier to use.

From 2000-2007, I was a bona fide unicorn (in a field of unicorns; it was a dandy time), hands-on, writing, visually designing & coding websites, writing hacky PHP, but still blithly following the web accessibility initiative (WCAG), and thinking about the user experience.

Before that, I spent years working in a biochem lab doing research, using weird machines and terrible software.

But it's more than that. UX is an extension of who I am. I like to deconstruct processes and discover where people find difficulty in completing them.

I often have trouble explaining all the practices, processes and the sheer volume work I've done over the years. I know I'm good at this. I know I've years of experience. But it's a difficult thing to talk about. I've had some heartbreaking interviews where I couldn't wait to work on a project but just couldn't explain my competence to the person who had the power to hire me.

And so, here I am, toiling away in obscurity, writing about my problems on a website that will never be read. So it goes.



The work is similar in every vertical but there's always a bit of industry-specific ramp-up. I've worked in many verticals including:


What I do


Deliverables include









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