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Wireframes and research examples

What is UX

User experience, or UX is concerned with how people interact with digital products or services.

The goal of UX is to make digital tasks easier.

I like to follow the ISO standard (ISO-9241:210).

There are lots of things said about standards and UX but in the end, it's about:

Why is it needed?

Because planning results in better...everything and this includes digital products.

Why I'm qualified to do this

I've spent the last 9 years thinking and reading about making digital products easier to use.

From 2000-2007, I worked hands-on, designing & coding websites following the web accessibility initiative, WCAG and thinking about the user experience.

Before that, I spent years working in a biochem lab actually doing scientific research. That experience helps me understand how I want to push the envelope in this emerging field

But it's more than that. UX is an extension of who I am. I like to deconstruct processes and discover where people find difficulty in completing them.

By the numbers

What I do

Who I have done this for

Deliverables include

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Ilana Schwartz, BSc.
User Experience Consultant

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